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ID 82758

Cory Shaw

User experience designer and front-end developer, Co-founder of Wimbo Music, Creator of AppifyWP and CrowdTubeTV

ID 360145

Jennifer Thomas

Founder Project Travel • Pun Champion • 2013 "Hottest Women in Tech" @killerstartups • #Quadricorn #Hacker #Hustler

ID 58691

Zachary Flower

Co-founder of Bistro

ID 120042

Brandon Hopkins

Art Institue of San Francisco - California graduate, with a fine arts background and an understanding in front end development.

ID 308859

Thomas Woodson

Designer / Co-Founder at Human Design. Pixel pusher, code writer & mountain climber.

ID 42905

Aaron K. White

Founder @savorly, Experience Designer, Pixel Pusher, Developer & Podcast Co-Host... Hanging my Hat in Colorful Colorado!

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