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ID 2294

Walt Pounds


Investor in @fullcontact-1, @macavo, @twelve-beverage, @protect, @carasolva, @purthread.

ID 39522

Nicole Glaros


Managing Director - @techstars

ID 345020

David Brown


Founded Pinpoint Technologies, iContact and TechStars.

ID 107844

Brett Jackson


Entrepreneur & Early-Stage Investor. Board Member @avx-aircraft-company; Seed Fund; Early Crocs employee and investor.

ID 9578

Brandon Zeuner


Co-founder @venture51. Co-founded @republic-project (acq. '13). Founding team @ Flypaper (acq. '11). Interact alum (ACT! & SalesLogix). Advisor @ Tony Hawk Fndn

ID 434

Seth Levine


Managing Director at @foundry-group

ID 62191

Rich Schmelzer


Founder @geopalz, @jibbitz-for-crocs • Investor @precog, @simple-energy, Fellow @nike-accelerator, Founder @iparchive,

ID 120

Brad Feld


Managing Director at @foundry-group

ID 40547

Nick Wyman


@foundry-group Special Projects, @techstars Associate, @BoulderBeta Producer, Angel Investor.

ID 178673

Luke Beatty


Managing Director, TechStars. Former VP at Yahoo. Founder of Associated Content. Bug slinger. Efforting father. Coloradoan.

ID 29410

Eric Marcoullier

Current: Advising a boatload of startups on fundraising and acquisitions Previously: Cofounder OneTrueFan, Gnip, MyBlogLog, IGN.

ID 86843

Henry Parry-Okeden


Founder of @oakview-group - Invests in and assists early stage companies

ID 182

Bart Lorang


Entrepeneur, Tech Nerd; CEO and Co-Founder of @fullcontact. Passionate about solving the world's contact information problem and helping entrepreneurs.

ID 14770

James Franklin


CEO at @sendgrid-1

ID 91762

John Moyer


Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Rancher

ID 82144

Jason Mendelson


Venture Capitalist, Musician, Hiker, ex-Lawyer, Home Remodeler, Cat Herder, Adjunct Professor and Boulderite.

ID 143401

Rob Delwo


Startup and Venture Experience, Passion for Helping Startups and Supporting Startup Communities

ID 1830

Greg Sands


Founder, Managing Director, Costanoa Venture Capital. Early stage investor. Managing Director, Sutter Hill. 1st Prod Manager, wrote 1st bus. plan at Netscape.

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 47

Ryan McIntyre


Founder @foundry-group, @excite-home • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 28571

Joel Wishkovsky

COO @sols, Founded @card-gnome, Corporate Audit Staff @ GE (2 years), IT Manager @ GE (3 years), BS Economics & MIS CWRU

ID 48321

Edward Roberto


Investor in @coverity, @biovantage. @precog. Advisor to @ypickme.

ID 93700

Ross Baird


Executive Director, Village Capital

ID 121907

Tim Wolters

Tech entrepreneur, reader, thinker, doer. Started 4 successful companies with multiple exits (WebMethods, Oracle).

ID 11408

Mike Stemple

Founder/CEO of @mosoro & Inspirer. Previously founder at SkinIt (sold to GWE Inc.), Original Wraps (sold to 3M), Odojo (sold to Safety Web), and more.

ID 85065

Tobias Peggs


Formerly CEO of @oneriot...acquired by Walmart...where I now oversee international mobile products.

ID 308

John Ives


Founder Tahoma Ventures, Boulder Angels, Chips on the Deck, Serano Systems, Storage Markets

ID 39321

Erika Trautman

CEO of @raptmedia. Owned an Emmy-winning video production company. Degrees from @yale-university University and UC @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 259818

Michael Rosenblatt

Founder/CEO at Seamless Toy Co. Previously: Apple - New Tech Team Leader, Samsung - Dir. Enabling Technologies. CMU BS in Robotics and Design, MIT Media Lab MS.

ID 106175

John A. De Goes

CEO / CTO @ @precog. Veteran software craftsman, experienced manager, entrepreneur, startup junkie, consultant, master generalist.

ID 500

Mike Lewis


Currently co-founder of @kapost. Former @qloud co-founder which grew to 25MM users and acquired by @buzzmedia. Worked at @aol. CS degree from @dartmouth-college.

ID 106252

Ari Newman


Network Catalyst @ Techstars, Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor. Lover of early-stage tech biz and life in Boulder, CO

ID 59

Tom Keller


Investor in @sendgrid-1, @intense-debate. Advisor to @tapinfluence.

ID 20353

Tom Spier


@spier-capital. @evol-foods. @bear-naked. @bonobos. Global Local.

ID 114412

Kirk Holland


@access-venture-partners, Venture Capital, VC, Boulder, Colorado, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Digital Media, SAAS, sports junkie.

ID 149114

Chase Fraser


Founder @fraser-mccombs-capital • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 165998

Adam Rubenstein


@collective-ip | Innovation Intelligence

ID 121880

Sue Heilbronner

Chief Catalyst at Boulder Ideas, the Activation Agency. We activate high-potential people, teams, products and companies ready to play an even bigger game.

ID 408248

Pete Sheinbaum


4x Startup guy and Angel. E! Online's Commerce Biz, (COO), (CEO), (Founder and CEO). Dozen or so invests.

ID 39449

Michael Joseph

Founder @mile-high-organics • Worked at @natural-capitalism • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison, @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 98617

Alexandra Zan O'Leary


Co-Founder COO @geopalz • Fellow at @techstars, @nike-accelerator, VP Operations & Marketing @jibbitz, Founder of @Jibbitz (sold to @Crocs)

ID 138020

Brad Dupee


3-time entrepreneur. Currently a co-founder at @mobileday

ID 177468

Justin Segall

Founder @simple-energy • Studied at @duke-university

ID 1748

Yoav Lurie


CEO and Founder of @simple-energy. @techstars alum (Boulder, 2011). Previously @synteractive. @duke-university alum.

ID 33523

Elizabeth Kraus


Founder of the Impact Angel Group. Investing in Colorado-based companies to strengthen our local economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

ID 5513

Brendan Synnott


CEO Founder

ID 323706

Roger Pincombe

Co-founder of @augur. Ex-Microsoftie, ex-Yahoo, former professional hackathonner. Chronic inventor, learner, boundary-pusher.

ID 327649

Stefan Koenig


Co- Founder @hull • Worked at @sap • Investor @kato, @shopventory

ID 38018

Scott Yates

Founder at @blogmutt. Previously founded MyTrafficNews (sold to and one other that had a positive return. Journalist before that.

ID 2654

Dave Elchoness

Co-Founder/CEO @tagwhat. Former Exec @qwest-communications; Attorney @goodwin-procter. B.S, Rutgers; J.D., @university-of-pennsylvania. Mobile/location fanatic & evangelist.

ID 106360

Carly Gloge

Co-Founder at @ubooly

ID 106347

Isaac Squires

Co-Founder at @ubooly

ID 52419

Angus Shee

Co-founder @tagwhat, Product design Jackie Chan (like a ninja but funnier). NGC Fellow Engineer. Johns Hopkins University.

ID 58748

Richard K. Miller

CTO at; @techstars Boulder 2011

ID 85150

Laurence Trifon

Director of Business Development at @sendgrid-1. Co-founder of Trifonic Music. Strong background in tech startups and finance. @stanford-university alum.

ID 128999

Dan Lynn


Co-Founder & CTO of @fullcontact. Strong technical background. Solved integration problems for several Fortune 500 companies. Plays guitar in a metal band.

ID 35799

Brent Daily

Founder of @roundpegg and previously founded @yahoo Green. Student of company culture and part-time nerd. @stanford-graduate-school-of-business 2005.

ID 57432

Tim Falls

Building Community @sendgrid-1 & BoulderBeta, in @boulder, CO and beyond.

ID 18043

Bret Fund


Faculty Director of the Deming Center Venture Fund Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

ID 81440

Nick Macey


Chief Product Officer @rosetta-stone

ID 16357

Tee Parham

Co-Founder / Chief Engineer, @neighborland

ID 139410

Jens Horstmann


Former CEO/CTO of DVDPlay (Redbox techn./acq by NCR), founded X1, Ensemble, Opengrid, MXGO, worked at Sun, LSI, Siemens, Coinstar.

ID 59384

Matthew Moalem

Revenue Acquisition Mercenary - Global Alliances, Global Sales, Global Marketing. Board Adviser. Former US Navy. Innovative Technology, Social, Mobile.

ID 196965

Rich Frankenheimer

Fractional CFO - I prepare early-stage companies for successful capital raises and then work with them post funding to grow their businesses

ID 227424

Danny Pier

Husband, dog lover, mountain adventurer, beer drinker, developer. Making mobile awesomeness at @roximity. 2011 HackStar in @techstars Boulder. Pants.

ID 241516

Ken Spratlin


Georgia Tech Aerospace, MIT Aero/Astro, Algorithms, Location-Based Services, Computer Vision, Product Development, M&A

ID 36670

David Mandell

Co-Founder and CEO, PivotDesk

ID 7449

Brett Martin

Founder @sonar. Former Director @k2-media-labs. Fulbright Fellow. Studied @dartmouth-college. Sailor. Bad Bassist. Recovering Banker. Lover of life.

ID 115167

Travis Silverman

Wrangler of User Experience & Interface. Lover of Jeeps, the queen of Siberian Huskies and cowboy boots. Fitness Junkie. Coloradan. RIT & TechStars Alum.

ID 164748

Andrew Hyde

Founder @startupweekend • Worked at @techstars, @hackfwd • Studied at @johnson-wales-university

ID 147636

Natalie Baumgartner

Founder and Chief Psychologist at @roundpegg - deep expertise in executive fit, APA board member, culture evangelist. Ph.D. UCLA and University of Denver

ID 192882

Chris Znerold

Worked at @mylikes, @the-walt-disney-company • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @boulder-digital-works

ID 107246

Eric Balsa


Founder and CTO, Recovery Database Network (acquired by @openlane 2010), Investor @digital-recognition-network, technical cofounder, ASF committer, Angel investor

ID 51737

Zaz Floreani


Diggin' big ideas, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Dir of Corp Dev at a Texas startup. Wife of a Texas entrepreneur.

ID 47957

Mat Ranauro

Founder & CEO of ILL Co. Product and Growth Lead with strong design background. Parsons School of Design.

ID 52680

Owen Silver

Founder PrevoTV • Sales, marketing, biz dev at AltaVista, Zip2, LivingSocial, custom software • Duke MBA

ID 468

Jason B Kiefer


CEO of @pixoto, Founder of @pictage, Angel

ID 35890

Paul Ford

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Ecosystem Builder, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Creator of Cool Stuff (@techstars and @500startups mentor)

ID 63857

Barry Owen

CTO/Co-Founder at @iguidepro, CTO at ReadyPortal. CTO/CTO/Founder at RedDog Software. VPE Lightspeed, VPE Wego Systems. Engineering Director Adobe

ID 101738

Scott McDaniel


Founder/former-CEO of @surveygizmo. Me: b2b, saas, marketing, testing. You: reinventing for SMBs, @proven model, needing push to next level.

ID 114188

Cali Harris

Relationship builder for Techstars.

ID 27908

Natty Zola

Founder of @everlater. Strong biz background (FMP at GE Capital and Associate with Jim Collins, author of Good to Great). Self taught programmer. @techstars 09.

ID 6626

Alex Kremer


SVP Partnerships at @nor1. Co-Founded @flextrip, acq by Nor1. Co-founder of startups in the Wine, Music and Hosting industries. Founded first startup at 16.

ID 386165

Stanton Champion

Experienced startup marketer; Skilled in product and marketing (uTest, Rackspace, and Adobe); Technical background; Rice EE, Cornell MBA

ID 343499

Jeremy Frazao

Employee #1 at Techstars. Unreasonable. Product-focused, hands-on leader with expertise in everything from HTML5 to EC2, and most things in between

ID 28727

Tim Segraves

Founder @interviewsy-1 and @weatherhop • Worked at @sendgrid-1, @the-active-network • Studied at University of Kansas

ID 106785

Gavin Lee


Entrepreneur, TechStars Boulder Alumni & Angel Investor

ID 57283

Chuck Marcy

Experienced Entrepreneur/CEO with specialty in organic and natural foods.

ID 100370

Tony Shouse


ID 173466

Sean Condon

Worked at @vector-marketing, @zipcar • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 128590

Seth Page


Experienced tech entrepreneur, operator, investment banker & financier. Last 2 firms co-founded were both acquired Nov 2011. Just acquired mSpot for Samsung.

ID 201460

Josh Anderson

Worked at @google, @accenture • Studied at @colorado-state-university

ID 410584

Derek Liston


Emergency physician, expedition doctor, and medical logistician. Fellow of American College of Emergency Physicians.

ID 402612

William Coffield


Focus on technology investments and exceptional management teams that are driven to build valuable companies around big ideas.

ID 147903

Josh Ashton

HR & Recruiting @sendgrid-1. Who before What.

ID 24538

Robert Pease


VP Product Marketing at Salesfusion, former CEO of LoopFuse (marketing automation, sold to Salesfusion), founder of Nearstream (social signals and analytics), formerly exec team at Gist (social CRM, sold to Blackberry), CMO, B2B, Sales Funnel Builder, Sol

ID 104890

Daniel Andrews

Software Developer at TechStars.

ID 45420

Richard Grote

@spotright Co-Founder. Bootstrap Co-Founder of 5 previous startups, including @hypersites (sold to private investors) & @fyical (profitable 12 years running).

ID 206235

Eric Sikola


Started @expensecloud (Sold to @trinet ) Worked at Aperture (Acq. by EMR), Systinet (Acq. by HP), webMethods (Acq. by SoftwareAG) & Forte (Acq. by Sun)

ID 281078

Jacob Wright

Entrepreneurial developer with a passion for the user experience and interface.

ID 301231

David W. Allen

Co-Founder of Velograf Systems. Left the government academic life to bring data analysis techniques to new real-world markets.

ID 93105

Joe Scharf

Ops, Deliverability, and Support at @sendgrid-1

ID 183773

Brian W. Williams


Viget CEO since 1999. Worked with dozens of startups along the way, some as partial investments, some exited to Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Former developer.

ID 106562

Kelly Taylor

Founder @pivotdesk • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 245710

Alec Korba

Formerly Channel & ISV Alliances at HubSpot. Built International Sales team at Sanbolic. Bentley University double major - Entrepreneurship and European Studies. Interested in joining an early stage start-up.

ID 27619

Nate Abbott

Founder of @everlater. Self taught programmer. Previous experience as a tech investment banker at JPMorgan in New York

ID 67354

James Dickerson

Marketer & entrepreneur. Previously co-founded Wellthy & @leap. Former associate at @lightbank,

ID 60154

Kyle Porter

CEO/Founder @salesloft • Early at @nanolumens, @ehire-com , @techstars-1 Boulder 2012 & Co-Creator of B2BCamp

ID 30648

Raviv Turner


VP Product @tapinfluence , Co-Founder & CEO @Guerillapps, CEO @NYKB, Exe. Producer @ IDT, VP Product @ ZOE Interactive, Social Entrepreneur, @new-york-university ITP

ID 71042

Nanxi Liu

CEO and Co-Founder of @enplug. Founded @nanoly Bioscience, named Top Social Innovation by @intel-capital. Worked at @goldman-sachs, @cisco-systems , @citigroup

ID 41665

Tom Markiewicz

Founder StatsMix (@techstars Boulder). Founder EvolvePoint. BS Aerospace Engineering. MBA. 10+ years product management experience.

ID 76960

Andrew Glover

VP Engineering @ @flextrip. Product-oriented tech guy. Co-founded two prior startups with Alex Kremer.

ID 985

Scott Brown

Founder CEO that writes code @bounce-io , @kronovia, @coldspark & others with a passion for bounced email, compliance, APIs & the uke.

ID 72726

Paul Arterburn

Co-founder / Head of Product @brandfolder-1 (@techstars Boulder 2013)

ID 79490

Claus Moberg

Founder @snowshoe-stamp, @techstars Alumn, Winner of TCDisrupt Hackathon, Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison, @wisconsin-entrepreneurial-bootcamp

ID 44627

Raul San Narciso

Product Manager | Experienced front-end developer | Previous Founder of a TechStars Affiliate Company | IIT Graduate

ID 41705

Leith Stevens


SVP BD at @nor1. Previously Co-founder/CEO @flextrip, acq by @nor1. @techstars for life.

ID 41170

William Sacks

CEO & Co-Founder @kindara, Co-Founded @lumetro, Mech. Eng & Economics from @mcgill-university University. HW Engineer, Led @mcgill-university Solar Vehicle Team. Blog @

ID 344505

Ryan Broshar


Seed investor via @ConfluenceCap, @kidblog @at-scene-llc Founder @boomboom. @university-guide (sold) . MBA @university-of-colorado-boulder, Carlson @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities

ID 122026

Riley End

Co-founder of @given-goods-company-2; previously BD @savored (acq. by @groupon), NYC real estate investment at Related. @techstars & @dartmouth-college alum.

ID 81645

David Cass

Education / Technology / Service

ID 71478

Bill Freytag


Investor in @lokalite, @spyderlynk, @bioptix, @barofold.

ID 256642

Kimberley Byer


Investor Relations and Business Development at Seamless Toy Co.; Attorney; VCIC alum

ID 209556

Stepan Mazurov

Lover of learning new technologies that solve real world problems, fast and cheaply, front-end connoisseur and silent back-end beast wrangler

ID 129911

Chris Ennis

Starter / Builder

ID 22124

Jonathan Woodard

VP Engineering at @rapt-media-1

ID 179404

Eric Ryan

Software Engineer - @gnip.

ID 71531

Loren Burnett

I am a serial entrepreneur on my 5th company. I have 25 years of exp. as CEO, COO and CFO in tech. I have 3 exits ($350M in gains), raised $165M, 1 IPO, 15 M&A.

ID 86940

Paul Reinarz

Founder @rezora, @pine-bridge-internet-services • Worked at @agency-com, @elemental-interactive • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 143877

Jeff Lesser

Worked at @graphicly, @giantnerd, @Parallel Path, @gnip as eCommerce or Marketing Manager • Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 141237

Bo Bergstrom

Extremely Hard Worker. Recently transitioned from the Marine Corps into the private sector and got lucky enough to find a job I love at a startup!

ID 303389

Matt Sornson

Founder / CEO @workmob A traveler and a student.

ID 151479

Mike Soucie

Founder @mobiplug, @electric-rain • Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 364921

Jayna Whitcher

Marketing Magician, Sales Connoisseur, Digital Diva, Marathon Road Runner, Back Bowl Skier, and Children's Book Writer.

ID 367905

Kristen Medler

10+ years experience in education. Grant writer for programs benefitting at-risk youth. Mentor, data coach, & program coordinator. Ed.M./Harvard University.

ID 5553

Jim Shook


Founder @roomorama • Worked at @deutsche-bank • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 417447

Lance G Johnson


Advisor & Investor in Boulder/NYC/SF. Former Head of Corp Dev MIH Naspers (Tencent, & GM Mobile @yahoo VP @nokia Fulbright Scholar in Economics.

ID 68287

Michael Sitarzewski

Co-founder, CEO at @epicplayground Co-founder, former CTO at, and founder of 8 startups since 1994, including two exits.

ID 57250

Luke Vernon


Entrepreneur, Startup Junkie & Advisor, Former COO of @eco-products, Founder of @LukesCircle, Mentor of @techstars

ID 29242

Paul Allen

Experienced startup operator

ID 86714

Cameron Houser

co-founder @givengoods; strategy consultant (The Parthenon Group, Sterling-Rice Group); Dartmouth alum

ID 43243

Katherine Bicknell

Head of Design @kindara, Fertility Awareness and Women's Health Advocate. BA from @bennington-college College. Graduate of NY Spring 2011 Founder Institute. @ted Conferences

ID 131812

Christian Nitu

Co-Founder & CMO @snowgate. Previously worked @ e-commerce dept. for Crocs Inc., marketing dept. @ Frontier. Strong marketing/sales, multi-cultural background.

ID 146645

Everett Chase Graves

Co-Founder & COO @newtide-commerce. Passion for innovation. University of Colorado, Boulder.

ID 93225

Tyler Hartung

Founder @the-unreasonable-institute • Worked at @renewable-choice-energy

ID 127232

Jeff Ammons

Director of Product at @simple-energy. Formerly CoFounder at @find-business-media. Former CTO @mahalo-com. Organizer of Boulder Django meetup.

ID 56246

Rick Bakas

Husband, Founder of @BakasMedia, Keynote speaker, Former NIKE brand guy, Sommelier, Creator of #CabernetDay, VP of Mktg at @PressPay-

ID 181649

Rachel Ryle

I'm creating a little monster! - Marketing Director for @ubooly | Need a theme? I've got your back - Founder & Lead Designer of @TweetyGotBack

ID 24342

Will Powers

Co-Founder and CEO at @lokalite

ID 214153

Alex Henry


ID 186333

Peter Adams


Founder @biz-girls, @omniportraits • Worked at @rockies-venture-club, @design-workshop • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @regis-university

ID 90668

Chris Porch


President/COO at, CEO BetweenMarkets, Founder & VP at @trilogy Software. @stanford-university alum, investor.

ID 23981

Scott Balster

Founder @employtown, @planejoy, Business Dev. at Hertz, Danaher Corp & bootstrapped @employtown to profitability.

ID 800

David Goldschmidt

Cofounder @buycentives, Founder @greatfamilyrentals-com. CMO @intrago. MBA Marketing Michigan (Ross). Also @frog-design, @leo-burnett, @jwt, and Saturn.

ID 60079

Graham Christy


ID 2215

Liam Davis-Mead

CTO & Co-founder of @scriptpad; healthcare entrepreneur.

ID 179212

JP Lind

ID 154916

Romain Dardour

@hull co-founder, previously, co-founder (one of the most awarded creative studios in france)

ID 212245

Michael Klanac

Founder @gripeo • Founder @simple-apply • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-at-buffalo

ID 340614

Adrian Crockett


Founder @pellucid-analytics • 17yrs finance exp • Group head @credit-suisse, @merrill-lynch & @deutsche-bank

ID 244842

Naren Tayal

CEO of TVI LLC. Strong leadership and business background. Worked at Intel, Sybase, MDI, and Macquarie Tech Ventures. Studied at CU/Boulder, CSU, and U.Va.

ID 39076


Co-Founder of Sage Research and Founder/CEO of ChannelCast. Also worked at @global-conference-partners and @j2-global in leadership roles.

ID 79212

Sarah Perez

Writes at TechCrunch. Email me! My favs: consumer web, social, e-/m-commerce, kids/family, mobile. Email: [email protected]/TestFlight: [email protected]

ID 49719

Patrick Navarro

CTO and co-founder of @whimseybox. Previously co-founded @bestfriendbox, worked at @gowalla, @amd, @vaynermedia

ID 407277

Po Linn Chia

Columbia '13

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Hired-Gun for QualcommLabs, Xconomy and Angel/Founder at Parallel6, Co-Founder

ID 77170

Michael Abdy


Founder TeQuity • President @housefax-1

ID 165963

Brady Crandall

Account Manager @isocket • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 103130

Andrew Kimmell

Co-Founder / Creative Director @ Rage Digital

ID 152273

David VanderJagt

Worked at @mobileday • Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 7436

Dan Sallis

Software Architect & DB Designer. Developed @orderstorm-1 e-com.Built the first e-com app for DishNetwork. Built apps at Qwest. Backcountry skier & private pilot

ID 413059

Andrew Wichern


Attorney • Founder @IterateStudio • Northwestern (law), UT, Austin, Texas A&M• Worked at @opsware, @crossworlds • Strong business and technology background

ID 4739

DR Richardson

Clean tech venture capital at Vision Ridge. Advisor to start ups. Background in building companies and their strategy, consulting. @brown-university undergrand.

ID 16208

Ted Guggenheim

CoFounder of TextUs.Biz. Co-Founder of Rage Digital. Former music industry executive, Principal at CelebrityAccess, VP Biz Dev at @iggli.

ID 309948

Mimi Zheng

Marketer at @binpress (@500startups batch 6) Formerly @scriptrock & @rockies-venture-club

ID 122723

Nawar Alsafar

Founded Augur. Autodidactic Hacker.

ID 151331

Levi Parker

Worked at @ubooly • Studied at University of Central Florida (3D/2D Design and Animation)

ID 198362

Amber Rae

Founder, CEO @the-bold-academy. @fast-company writer. Started The Domino Project with Seth Godin + @amazon. @apple Alum. Craves depth. Smiles often.

ID 111387

David Henderson

Social, Mobile, Media, Entrepreneur - co-founder of socialeyes and socialmedia, early executive at @doubleclick and @matchlogic.

ID 120042

Brandon Hopkins

Art Institue of San Francisco - California graduate, with a fine arts background and an understanding in front end development.

ID 40067

Robert Reich



ID 61315

David Pitman

Designer, coder, entrepreneur. Worked at @xobni. Co-founded @paydici, @spotze-1, Vestal. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology (CS '06, MEng '10, research scientist).

ID 418478

Gary Ebersole


C-level experience at several Silicon Valley startups. Marketing, product development and sales.

ID 172438

Dustin Henderlong

Head of Digital @threadless. Formerly User Happiness Officer @snapjoy.

ID 258372

Will Hitchcock

Lover of interface design and development, partner at Camp Four Creative in Boulder, CO. Cofounder of Worked at GroupTie and Rosetta.

ID 50942

Josh Nielsen

Founder of Robot Audio, passionate web developer, audio enthusiast

ID 13823

Todd Rankin

VP Marketing and BD at Dropship Commerce. 15+ years eCommerce / Internet experience. Strategic Development Expert | eCommerce & SaaS.

ID 394201

Eric Reid

Founder @useful-2 • 1st Employee @gnip • Worked at @raytheon • Studied at @rose-hulman-institute-of-technology

ID 172833

Jarod Stewart

Currently @sendgrid-1 • Co-Founder @winston-network-inc • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder • Fun lovin' guy

ID 15700

Joshua Hays

Founded @bidzuku & @klydo. 13+ years in marketing/creative roles. OC(D) entrepreneur w/love for technology.

ID 241833

Jay Crain

Founder Useful • Worked at @inspiringapps • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 17305

Mark Fischer

Founder of Inspire Commerce and @inspire-commerce, with a decade of success in ecommerce and online business strategy.

ID 428221

Thomas Drach

I make things work beautifully, Techstars grad.

ID 144809

Fletcher Richman

Aspiring Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur, Growth Engineer @pivotdesk, Managing Director @spark-boulder

ID 261232

Rob Volk

Builds highly scalable web apps. Loves skiing, climbing, traveling, & listening to live music. CTO @charlie-app past: CTO Beyond Diet, Sr. Consultant @avanade

ID 452967

Todd Berger

Partner at Berger & Föhr. Internationally renowned, award winning graphic and website designer. Founder @ello

ID 296689

Drew Frey

Marketing Manager at @pivotdesk. Former Vail Resorts employee that helped build their social media and EpicMix program.

ID 51280

Jeff Zaretsky

@bounce-io @yabblr @kickapps @aol @columbia-business-school @university-of-michigan

ID 40906

Frederic Jean

Worked at @sun-microsystems, @bounce-io • Studied at @ambassador-university * I make the mail flow @bounce-io.

ID 452962

Lucian Föhr

Partner at Berger & Föhr. Internationally renowned, award winning graphic and website designer. Founder @ello

ID 36129

Doug Standley


Founder, CEO of Societal Innovation Holdings - former Deloitte Innovation Principal - Founder Spectrasite Broadcast (sold to @american-tower),

ID 194258

Ryan Whitnah

Ruby on Rails Developer @pivotdesk • Technical co-founder @savorly

ID 115160

Chris Roth

Full Stack Engineer

ID 56741

Matt Lefort

Co-founder and CEO at @weekenture. Dad, husband, entrepreneur, ultra trail runner, geek and FI graduate. Also founded @xtremgo.

ID 134520

Robert Brooks IV

Account Executive @StackOverflow Founder @btb-technologies-llc • Worked at @apple

ID 15262

John Keane


Invest in early stage cleantech companies (King Hill Capital). Former executive at @keane, Inc. Founded @arcstream-solutions.

ID 6037

David Hose


Founder & CEO Signal Soft (Nasdaq IPO), Ideas & Plans MD projects include: JumpTap, m:metrics, Snapvine, Networks in Motion

ID 341804

Paul Foley

Founder Nimbus, helping start-ups and SMB's utilize cloud apps. Previous: Market Expansion Belly, and Technology Analyst for Deloitte Consulting

ID 21821

Jerome Rifkin

Founder @tensegrity-prosthetics-2 • Worked at @mckesson, @first-consulting-group • Studied at University of Florida and University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 199445

John Allen

Founder, CEO @digisoft-tv, @race-results-2000 • CTO, General Manager at TVTextbook, Worked at @ericsson, @snap-on-tools • Studied at @cork

ID 35805

Sharif Youssef

Founder/CEO of @igivefirst. Lead multi-million dollar tech solutions from ideation to @launch for @ibm, FDC, @experian & @acxiom. Founder Institute Grad.

ID 409258

Andrew Pudalov

Founder of Rush Bowls. Strong business and finance background. Great understanding of natural and organic food marketplace.

ID 172419

Michael Dick

Designer & Engineer • Creator of @cage (acquired) & @monitor

ID 206453

Mathew Sisson

Pixel Pusher & User Experience Director at @pivotdesk. Entrepreneur, photographer, St. Michael's Alum, and root beer connoisseur.

ID 25831

Ryan Williams

Co-founded @networthiq (acquired by @strands in 2008), Founded @lazytweet (sold in 2010). New startup in 3, 2, 1... (is that days, weeks, months or years?)

ID 360145

Jennifer Thomas

Founder Project Travel • Pun Champion • 2013 "Hottest Women in Tech" @killerstartups • #Quadricorn #Hacker #Hustler

ID 34193

Scott J. Perlman

President of Rayo Strategic Partners, providing capital advisory services for early stage companies. Focus on technology companies and social enterprises.

ID 196289

Jake Braly

CEO and Founder @swipety @microsoft alumni (Director of Marketing) and on founding team of 3 previous startups (2 exits @lijit-com @JAB). @university-of-michigan MBA '06

ID 34362

Jacob Timm

Product designer, developer, leader.

ID 266911

Eric Olden


Founded 2 successful security companies, Symplified and Securant. $225,000,000 exits/equity. Angel in Log Rhythm. Raised $78M in VC (all up rounds).

ID 45197

Alex Raymond

Founder of Kapta, creating a whole new category of strategic alignment software. 2x entrepreneur. Worked at SumTotal + Saba; educated at Georgetown + INSEAD.

ID 420344

Steve Georgis


CEO and Angel @linerate-systems with recent >10x exit. Founder/CEO @ ProStor Systems. Co-Founder/CEO at Network Photonics. Co-founder at Exabyte.

ID 51325

Chris Thorne

Data Product Analyst at @spotright (formerly Spot Influence - TechStars 2010).

ID 45949

Erin Lewis

Founder @fashion-forward-maternity. MS Engineering. Executive MBA: U. Mich. 15 years shop management/ supply chain mgt./ business development up to $500M

ID 54422

Roger Toennis

Former Rocket Scientist. Currently Exploring the Mobile/Social Supernova, Making Jump 2 Hyperspace as CEO of @rockit-media. Father, Futurist, Homebrewer, Human.

ID 340582

Brett Crockett


COO @pellucid-analytics. Previously an investment banker @rbc-capital-markets & @macquarie-bank in Sydney, Australia. Studied @university-of-new-south-wales

ID 251645

Karen Shoresman Frame

CEO/Founder of makeena. Former CEO/GC of various tech companies. Strong accounting background (CPA) & attended top schools (Indiana, Oxford, Illinois). Excellent recs.

ID 374882

Patrick Crowley

Creative and Marketing Consultant

ID 170074

travis sisti

Designer, coder, drummer, mac user, tea drinker, bike rider, video gamer, and bjj novice. Working on

ID 48824

Lowell Miller

Executive, Entrepreneur, Educator. Co-Founder/CEO of @ecubed-marketing. Co-Founder/CFO of Adjunct Faculty at Daniels College of Business as DU.

ID 93629

Kevin Owens

Software Developer, Babson College 2008.

ID 372290

John Jennett

Worked at @kula-causes • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 113429

Tim Skaggs

Develop and design apps. Dev/Design for @steamboat-labs-1 and @Brewerbox. Worked on @kloudless @deskhero

ID 8112

Chris Johnson

Experienced Internet media executive, with 20 years experience at The Washington Post, AOL, IAC and Hearst

ID 275586

Kerry Ivan Kurian

@techstars graduate; Worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and many startups; Studied CS at @brown-university and @brandeis-university

ID 42905

Aaron K. White

Founder @savorly, Experience Designer, Pixel Pusher, Developer & Podcast Co-Host... Hanging my Hat in Colorful Colorado!

ID 217909

Mark Kreloff


Start-Up equity placement and investing since 1995. Prefer software, apps, mobile media and specialty food industries.

ID 62712

Erin Bell

CEO Yokle #USC, #Columbia.

ID 323747

Kent Dickson

A business and technical leader. I love platforms, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Was a key leader at BEA, Tendril and GridMachine.

ID 414502

Dave Ladouceur

Creative and Experienced CTO/COO/Founder can help avoid major mistakes and pitfalls as well as bring creative ideas -- PART TIME to save you cost.

ID 175058

Jesse Litton

Part time student, Life long learner, full time startup evangelist. Have worked for various startups.

ID 301687

Aaron Cottrell

Product manager and project delivery for tech startups. Startup generalist with CompSci background. World wanderer. Previously Product Manager @peerindex.

ID 28679

Laura Rich

Co-founder and CEO of @street-fight (@streetfightmag), the leading source of information and community about the hyperlocal industry.

ID 125471

Mark Evans


CEO @addion; MD Ionic Media; GM US Search & Dir Prod Mgmt GoTo; McKinsey; Nikko Securities (Tokyo); UC @university-of-california-berkeley; @wharton-school MBA

ID 427029

Mike Grever

Founder Rubicon • Worked at @vss-monitoring, @stillsecure , @excite-home, @quova

ID 31187

Brent Weber

@transapi-io, @Altrüus @ballotbook, @Leanatics, @SpinUp Labs Lean Practitioner, Serial Hustler, Hacker

ID 165404

Dwayne Nesmith


Founded Viant and ElectricApps.

ID 227226

David Prinster


Executive Leader with 20+ years experience in IT industry in Marketing, Sales, Bus-Dev, Strategy, and Partnerships.

ID 70678

Gregory Menvielle

Pyramedium inc

ID 179382

Aaron Nichols

Operating Operations at Tango Group. Previously at @rally-software , @sugarsync, @mobitv and a few others. Focused on moving fast.

ID 43739

Rob Crabtree

Managing Partner of @everyspot (fmr) COO of Surfpark Holdings M.Sc. Coastal Engineering B.Sc. Ocean Engineering Strategist & Innovation Opportunist

ID 158696

Ben Oelsner

Worked at @cooley-1, @brobeck • Studied at University of California, Santa Barbara, University of San Francisco

ID 396512

Courtney Miller

Community Manager @kindara • 2012 Grant Awardee at the Napier Initiative • BA in International Relations @pomona-college

ID 72245

Jackson Latka

Co-founder of @notabli. Designer and creator that is passionate about the intersection of mobile/web technologies & storytelling. Proud father.

ID 18551

William Consuegra, Esq.


Worked at @accenture, @forest-city-enterprises, @areva-solar, • Studied at Trinity, University of New Mexico

ID 78843

Chris Echelmeier

Director of Sales at @yammer. Changing the way people work. Breaking silos, connecting organizations. Former NewsGator. CU-Boulder grad.

ID 182895

Ivan Lopez

Founder wauwaa • Worked at @the-walt-disney-company, @sony-pictures-entertainment

ID 185495

Jacqueline Claudia

The Love Child of "Big Picture Strategy" & "Get It Done" • Worships at Customer Alter • @wharton, @Darden • Founder @thurston-hall • Worked at @MMG, @dsi

ID 9843

Christopher Comella

Dual citizen (US/Sweden). Experience: startups, venture capital, marketing, and biz dev. Edu: Gothenburg University (Software Engineering) and @georgetown-university (MBA)

ID 325634

Adam Sunshine

CS major at CU Boulder, Developer @kindara, Creative Chief at, overall tech nerd and startup enthusiast!

ID 5729

Keith Pieper

Profitably managed ad agency team of 19 for Microsoft; started industry first trading desk Cadreon; patented software algorithm inventor.

ID 58695

Andy Stone

Art director and co-founder of Bistro.

ID 50965

Greg Goodson

Cofounder @ Rafflecopter. Previously Marketing @, 360i. Georgia Tech '06.

ID 169078

John Weiss

Former Executive Creative Director @webmd. Founder @FiveEdge Media. Worked @Waggener Edstrom. Samples of work:

ID 13323

Grant Carlile

Masters in UX at IU. Entrepreneur since age 7. Manager at 19. Will do UX, Biz Dev, & Marketing work for friends, startups, and @causes I believe in.

ID 48354

Jay Allardyce


Executive @hpSoftware. Leader of new incubation, M&A and turnarounds. Startup to big co. experience as a creator and operator. Prior @vertica, @hp and AdobeCap

ID 172938


storyteller. writer. editor. progressive. nostalgic. vegetarian. charlie's daddy. husband to @bouldervegan. music & book fanatic. runner. xGoogler. CP+B.

ID 143742

Jim Gray

Freelance Project Manager, Marketing Campaign Development at @threethirtypm

ID 103099

Alicia Benjamin

8+ years experience in marketing & branding. Turned a Creative Writing degree into creative problem solving & product development. Co-Founder of @redpint.

ID 100045

Mike Fraietta

Enterprise Community Manager at News Corp.

ID 173067

Dan Burcaw

Founder @PushIO • Worked at @apple • Studied at @CU

ID 197431

Dan Corbett

ID 344284

Ryan Orbuch

In progress. Designer @getfinish (Apple Design Award 2013). Founder @wearebasil. 16yo, intern @techstars. You're awesome. Can I help? Say hi! [email protected]

ID 52646

Meg Hanceford Meyer

Prez/Co-Founder of @CoolTreats4Dogs. Former RealityTV Producer. Go-Getter. MA New Media, @emerson-college College

ID 103354

Drew Knowles


Founder @berkeley-square-partners, @quansoo-capital-management-llc • Investor @facebook, @b3c-fuel-solutions

ID 53944

Kathy Dragon

http://[email protected]/in/kathydragon

ID 64118

Kelly Goodnight

Founder @gravitly-1

ID 118429

Judah Musick

Founder @user10 • Studied at @university-of-hawaii-manoa, @saint-louis-university

ID 273827

Greg Keller

COO at LinkSmart. Lifer product nerd. Builder of awesome businesses, manager of exceptional people. Boulderite.

ID 342662

Carl Miller

Problem solver. Strong business acumen, decision maker unafraid of pursuing the road not yet taken. MBA, CFA, Project Manager.

ID 507535

Bill Fitzgerald

Worked at @jive-software, @excite-home • Studied at @ohio-wesleyan-university, @eastern-illinois-university

ID 347868

Sherrard Harrington


CEO and Co-Founder of Marvel Capital Group based in Boulder, CO. Invested in a few real estate properties looking to expand and invest in startup companies.

ID 136523

Chris Field

VP Sales & Marketing at ASquared Search & Social. Helped build 3 early stage startups. Marketing and Sales focused. Creating partnerships during startup launch.

ID 58678

Ryan Bales

Founder & CEO of Bync. Designer, engineer Located in Boulder, CO

ID 48572

Laura Loeffler

Marketing Director at @card-gnome. Doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

ID 379452

Gabe Johnson

Founder Blank Slate Systems • Worked at @google, @university-of-colorado-boulder-1 • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 477290

Dustin Mallory

Hands-on engineer, architect, craftsman, leader. First hire and Chief Architect at @mobileday building it from the ground up. Mobile, cloud, everything else.

ID 108594

Jon Birdsong

Acquiring customers by sharing value and educating the sales leaders of today and tomorrow.

ID 134014

Dean Wolf

Business Strategist, Intellectual Property Attorney, Product Management and Development, Licensing and Negotiations Expert

ID 342475

Charles Reynerson

MIT Graduate. Aerospace Engineering. Recent graduate in Embedded Systems. Python and C Programmer. CEO of Reynerson Engineering and Consulting.

ID 158927

Andy Young

Co-founder @merchluv. Founder @tunipop. Multiple start ups, one sold to publicly traded corp. Focused on validating and addressing gaps in the marketplace.

ID 116226

Shashank Shekhar

Co-founder of Antezen. Strong technical background, hands on engineer. Worked at @qualcomm and ST Micro. B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur (EE) and M.E. from @university-of-colorado-boulder, Boulder.

ID 277216

Rushton McGarr

President & COO of and Founder @market-force-information • Worked at @dell-computer • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 326455

Mark A. Hughes

Advisor to StoryPress. Biz dev guy at four Austin software startups: Good Capital LLC, Vignette, Smart Technologies, DAZEL Corp. B.S. Computer Science, USC.

ID 400099

Nick Parsons

Co-founder @6px

ID 52223

Ski Muir Milburn


Serial cleantech entrepreneur with successful startup, IPO, secondary, turn-around and MBO experience. Currently CEO of VAIREX air systems.

ID 8270

Jason McGowin

CEO of consumer goods startup. 15+ Years Consumer Marketing and Product @launch experience, including @intuit, Horizon Organic, and Silk Soymilk. @stanford-university MBA.

ID 109734

Kenneth Warner

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Partner of @fuzeus The do good, feel good social network. Professional graphic designer, photographer, studied economics.

ID 300122

Jay Holman

Founder and principal of consultancy focused on identifying the shortest path to revenue for new ventures in the cleantech industry.

ID 499619

Duer Reeves

Founder WeatherCloud Inc. • Worked at @sun-microsystems • Studied at @williams-college, @thunderbird-school-of-global-management

ID 116401

Chris Oltyan

Started and sold 5 companies. Shipped 24 products in the entertainment space with a focus on video games. @carnegie-mellon-university Grad with Enterprise Award for Entrepreneurship.

ID 8360

Steve Gibson


Founder @prolegacycamp-com • Worked at @meetingwave-com, @bear-stearns • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 402853

Shea (Shmuel) Hoffman

HungrySalesmen/Clever Marketer | Worked at UpSync and Trada | Founder at

ID 270829

Jeremy Thiesen

Digital Entertainment Addict • Dashboard and Data Guru at @susquehanna-int-l-group • Studied Statistics and Business at @lehigh-university.

ID 163672

Sabrina McGrail

Direct of Talent & Culture @custommade. Previously NYC Tech Recruiter @winterwyman. Studied @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 307068

Douglas Prom

ID 252046

Vikram Dendi


Startup strategy at Microsoft Research. Multiple startup businesses at RealNetworks & Microsoft. Caltech, EFP Alumni.

ID 154746

Solome Tibebu

Founder, Cognific- 1st SaaS patient engagement platform for behavioral health providers to measure outcomes & increase productivity. Founder, Anxiety In Teens.

ID 36805

Joshua Schnell

CEO of OpDemand

ID 276579

Collin Donahue-Oponski

Founder CF Whiteboard • Worked at @kapost, @doublescoop • Studied at @iowa-state-university

ID 411223

Thomas Cross

Like helping out doing what needs to be done.

ID 154319

Sandy Rich


Early employee @statsmix (@techstars 2010). Worked at @t-rowe-price-group-inc, @greenspring-associates • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 59909

Ryan Finsrud Howell

Attorney at RUBICON Law. Represent entrepreneurs, angels, & venture firms. Previously GC for a venture firm and several venture-backed startups. JD/MBA.

ID 182338

Camille Fetter

ID 249869

Tony Casson

2 successful startup exits - Pronto/IAC, Raindance/Intercall. Master of uptime, scaling web applications, full-stack expert. MS ITP@CU. BA@William & Mary.

ID 196458

Justin Custer

Founder @chatlingual. Global consulting experience: 5 years, 9 countries (Accenture, CitiGroup). Product manager. Focused on results.

ID 390901

Cassie Thill

Product Marketing @sendgrid | @BDWcu alum | Co-founder @AmbientBox | Connecting ideas + strategy + tech + people.

ID 184630

John Volkmar


Founder of to-be-named start-up. 10year US Army Special Forces veteran. Most recently Director of Operations for Foro Energy.

ID 47129

Trevor Larson

Co-Founder/COO @invidy User Acquisition, Marketing, Operations• Worked at @square, @clarion-commercial-real-estate Co-Founder @ninjathat • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 265459

Joe Siewert

Customer Support Manager at TapInfluence

ID 153930

Dylan Fitzgerald

Builder; tinkerer; full-stack generalist (really!), from electronics design up to web apps and everything in between. 10% of lifetime in rural West Africa.

ID 394400

Marlo Schneider

Marketing generalist with experience in strategic digital marketing plans designed to build brand awareness, and drive measurable ROI for clients.

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 221135

Leonard Kish

Principal and CoFounder at VivaPhi. Broad, deep, background in startups, neuroscience, molecular biology, software, data science and health care. MBA/MSIS/MS.

ID 39329

Jeff Hickman

Co-Founder & COO of @podnod, leading all product and tech development. Managing Director at Core Equity Group, a venture bank building early stage companies.

ID 51643

Jason Gerard DeRose

Novacut co-founder and lead developer of the Novacut collaborative video editor. CouchDB, Python, and DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN!

ID 71167

Tom Maxwell

Co-founder & lead-engineer @chakra. Ruby, JavaScript.

ID 128998

Morgan Stanfield

Worked at @fitbionic • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @naropa-university

ID 151070

Mark Ferguson

Founding engineer of @amplitude-software (with Tim Carlin). Founded and sold two tech-related businesses

ID 136279

Bob Hirneisen

President at Integriti Consulting Group

ID 232988

Uriah Bueller


Founder of Parasoleil. Product designer for community connectivity.

ID 41930

Micah Alcorn

CCIM, "self-taught" developer, BBA Entrepreneurship/Venture Management & Economics University of Oklahoma

ID 335780

Ryan Stevens

ID 88927

Sears Merritt

ID 58691

Zachary Flower

Co-founder of Bistro

ID 225230

Barry Gian James

CU MCDB, KWedu CS; worked in 2 startups, developed and managed software projects; UNIX/Linux, Version Control, Bioinformatics

ID 58876

Chris Sherrill

Manager of New Business & Digital Product at MNML Product Design. Successful restauranteur and interactive advertising web startup cofounder. Masters of Eng. in Product Design & Development - Northwestern University '12. Vanderbilt University '01.

ID 17446

Morey Bean

Co-Founder, Principal, S|A|C SolAfriCon. EdTech API platform architect. S|A|C is my third successful enterprise.

ID 53742

Aaron Frank

Making tiny dents in my own large way!

ID 252366

Elisa Rowell

Growth Hacker @be, Founder @earth-marketing-and-management-consulting, @stargazer-enterprise • Worked @alcatel-lucent, @the-apollo-group • Studied @suffolk-university, @auburn-university

ID 167341

Margaret Trias

Worked at <a data-type='Startup' data-id='71676'>@yale-university University</a> • Studied at @yale-university, @mount-holyoke-college

ID 122901

Jay Graves

Jay Graves is Vice President Digital Products at Wiland Direct. Entrepreneurial, data driven background.

ID 219697

Jeff Yin

ID 117976

Carter Truong

Founder Tabrific • Brand, Consumer and Market Strategist. Big Brand (Nike, Microsoft, Coke, Unilever) and Start-Up (Umbria - sold to McGraw Hill) experience.

ID 37666

Brian Long


Founded First Movers Advantage, LLC in 2003. MBA from University of Minnesota

ID 203654

David Luhman


Undergrads and MBA from Colorado Univ. IRS Enrolled Agent. Experience in Japan and Silicon Valley. Now working with US-AU-CN-JP-EU (especially "mundane") SMBs.

ID 375368

Anthony Claudia

Founder @watershipdigital • Worked at @powerreviews, @gsi-commerce, @blue-martini-software

ID 233624

Will Ronco

Web team at @orbotix. Late of @williams-college. Full stack web developer and parallel entrepreneur. Optimizer of conversions. Former professional triathlete.

ID 375643

Jessica DelCastillo

Enrollment Counselor with Regis University- Previous sales experience in inside, wholesale and retail environments.

ID 380190

Errol Forkner

Looking to apply my talent to ensure success of startup

ID 225232

Aaron Smith

ID 475124

Johannes Wiig

Founder Garden Gnome • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @umea-university

ID 117585

Jordan Perr

EE/CS Student. Currently working on 1st funded startup. Speak all programming languages fluently.

ID 302125

Simeon Margolis

CEO @GoodDayChocolate™, maker of 'chocolate with benefits.' Proud @babson-college MBA alum. Previously @utterz @rca Records @island-def-jam now in Boulder, CO

ID 432250

Eli Duffy

Growth Hacker, Business Development Specialist, Kickstarter and Social Media Strategist.

ID 11347

Peter Resnick


Investor in @cleanwell.

ID 76672

Joe Sawicki

Highly competitive business background in both small business operations and sales; worked at KIOSK Information Systems

ID 29771

Adam W. Chase


http://[email protected]/pub/adam-chase/3/745/aab

ID 352421

Tim Wahlers

Worked at @commonwealth-edison, @vidiom-systems • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 138067

Lindsey Jones

Art Director at @Seiter & Miller & @Laughlin Constable, BDW Graduate Student, Co-founder & CEO of

ID 326085

Ryan B Smith

Founder of ConferenceEdge (technical founder) & eoMedia Group. Serial Entrepreneur with strong technical, strategic & startup background.

ID 117071

Wil Moore III

Full-Stack Developer w/ Back-End, Devops, and Front-End chops. Good eye for aesthetics. Successfully lead teams; happy to follow for the greater good as well.

ID 479272

Matt Mollison

Cognitive neuroscience PhD student at @university-of-colorado-boulder. Expert in experimental design and analysis of behavioral and EEG data.

ID 138711

Scott Perlov

President of Perlov and Associates, LLC

ID 83308

Eric May

21 yrs exp - 17 yrs owner of C★C★S: integrated marketing, design, web development, programming. Winner of Software Product of the Year 2011- DaVinci Institute

ID 437319

Dhinakar Kompala

ID 120329

Jason Kania

University of Chicago MBA candidate and Principal of Phoenix Management Consulting

ID 94976

Chris Saliba

Founder / Managing Partner at Saliba Ventures

ID 119594

Brad Schildt

Co-founder of TimeView (waitlist management), BioPay (biometric payments, sold in '06: $82m) and CheckAGAIN (ACH payments, sold in '04: $17m). Middelbury '86.

ID 159162

Richard Rowland

Founder Skukooza • VP Business Development at MunchAway, career entrepreneur JD @widener-university.

ID 208358

Amy H Cole

MBA grad looking for work with a startup; theater background and 5 years as administrator/marketer with nonprofit organization.

ID 268048

Louis Kastens

PhD in Physics from Yale. Strengths in scientific data analysis and simulation, primarily in particle physics.

ID 151333

Becca Gallery

Gone traveling.

ID 180740

Bill Rumbley

High-tech product manager for both software and systems. Worked at Boulder startups after Nortel in Texas. SMU MBA 2000.

ID 283294

Todd Biggs


Advisor @touchmail, just relocated to @denver, worked for @microsoft on WindowsPhone, @marketplaces, @app-stores, @education , @email , @messaging , & developers.

ID 417578

Laura Ball

Fast-learner, team-player and hard worker. Helped position our company as one of the 'coolest' places to workout in the country (greatist list).

ID 1877

Oz DiGennaro

Software Developer forever. Now website development, including heavy front-end and living in the server. Many frameworks.

ID 118816

Tsion Gonen


Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at @safenet

ID 87201

Evan Walden

Founder @rework-jobs. Studied at @university-of-vermont. Background in Sales at Dow Chemical.

ID 154606

Geoff Sakala

Founder @clickspring, @metro-media • Worked at @us-army, @locable • Studied at @california-state-unversity-sacramento

ID 284974

Jonathan Saft

Experienced digital marketer. Former Paid Search Associate at eBay Enterprise and SEM Analyst at Finish Line.

ID 180056

Michael Gile

iOS & Security Expert, shipped over 80 apps to the AppStore. 2 startups founded. Currently mobile strategy & programming in Boulder, CO.

ID 141417

Chris Beauregard

Building the dream of @salesloft and living the #techstarsboulder life while repping #ATL and @atdc

ID 419077

Odell Isaac

Founder @stellar-air, @caduceux • Worked at @quovadx, @western-aviators • Studied at @saint-louis-university, @missouri-state-university

ID 336742

Stephanie O'Connor, CPP

UCLA Finance grad; started and sold Independent Sales Organization to technology company for 7 x EBITDA of 350k

ID 83879

Kyle P. May, MS PhD

20+ yrs exp operating multi-million dollar portfolios including Perot Systems, CSC & DynCorp. PhD in Internet regulation. 40 Under 40 Leadership Award 2011

ID 447463

Leslie Brown

IT Project Manager and Certified Scrum Master with experience in start ups.

ID 33483


CoFounder of matterBase. Studied at Berkeley. Worked at Amgen Research Scientist, Laidlaw & Co Research Analyst for Biotech, Pharma, & Medical Devices.

ID 106292

Nick Matheson

Engineer @ Following a passion for solving complex multi-disciplinary software problems. With periodic respites to indulge my whitewater habit.

ID 276413

Komran Rashidov

Founder @musikfly • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 85126

Graham Furlong

Business creation and growth strategies for the startup generation. 12 years experience at the worlds most creative agencies Crispin Porter+Bogusky, TBWA, JWT.

ID 376981

Celesta Howe

I look beyond 'what is' to imagine 'what can be.' I create authentic and creative engagement strategies that enrich thought, inspire action and build a loyal community.

ID 219252

Jeff Mullen

Master's in Aerospace from University of Colorado @ Boulder. Worked for SpaceX. C++, Python, Objective-C, C# are my friends.

ID 319289

Maria Petzold

M.Sc. CS; Full stack generalist with a focus on backend and middle tier; Adobe CQ5 Expert

ID 435518

Jessica Ebert

Master of Quality Assurance test automation, acrobatic programmer with an amazing ability to adjust to and learn new methodologies.

ID 380566

Todd Merriman

Brand strategy and innovation expert

ID 415717

David Laskarzewski

Storytelling social entrepreneur; Social Content Director at Impact Driven; pivoting in my career and working to create a more aware, more empathetic world.

ID 123657

Ryan Cavis

Adventure Coder, co-founder of HouseTalent, and rainy-day musician. Full-stack developer living in a quarter-stack world.

ID 449386

Ben Peterson

Co-founder @photofeeler • Headed analytics team @level-3-communications-1 • Studied algorithms & optimization @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 358769

Kelly van Riper

Human Resources/Coach/Facilitator/Consultant w exp in start-ups, govt, high tech and non-profit including Sun Micro, USAF and Boulder College of Massage Therapy

ID 145524

Kun Li

PHD student at CUBoulder. Worked at @google Research(01) and Android(02) as intern. Super passionate about mobile computing. Chinese. Fluent English speaker.

ID 52632

Lauren Walter

Multimedia producer & publisher relations for @tagwhat. I hunt down stories and cover them in video and photo. University of Colorado- Boulder Journalism 2010.

ID 176517

Nolan Houston

Founder and Business Developer at Mobius Creations. Worked at Zayo Broadband and Kiewit Building Group.

ID 415267

Warren Ng

Entrepreneur in search of the next big thing.

ID 473068

Marta Zgagacz

Co-founded FuturaGene and took it public, MS in Physics

ID 118070

Richard E. Maloy

Chief Experience Officer at Signal Genius

ID 153224

Luke Vermeire

Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @lehigh-university

ID 464263

Greg Koeka

Worked at @visionlink, @isupportu • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder • Financial background with a passion for technology entrepreneurship

ID 110979


Artist, Clown, Juggler and Sewing person

ID 127124

David James

Brand developer, winemaker, owner, salesperson, spokesperson, trainable CEO. We are: "The Makers of the Exotic Rosé", produced in Napa. DEFINE the moments.

ID 56479

Grant Slade

Strategic Marketing & Business Development

ID 226974

Grant Sprunger

Founder Selecta • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @eastern-mennonite-university

ID 379112

Ellen Burnes

Ph.D. Resource Economist, 20 years experience. Global experience in resource and infrastructure valuation, investment and management.

ID 169686

Kristin Lindquist

VP of Product Dev at Door to Door Organics

ID 359143

Martin Nemaric

Full BI stack data scientist looking for early stage startup

ID 144799

Bill Garrels

Co-Founder, 18 years in New and Traditional Media, Worked at Webby Award Winning, @outside-magazine @Time Inc

ID 374862

Ryan Glosier

ID 158062

Josh Dulberger

data science@Blue Jeans Network, r&d@intela, founder@liftninja, phd@CUNY Grad Center, strategy@IBM, undergrad@Reed

ID 208242

Adam M. Curry

Inventor and entrepreneur, creator of mind-matter interaction technologies. Founder of Collective Consciousness app.

ID 219292

Jon Shapiro

Founder @bizantu, @ideas-by-nature @creative-instructional-designs Worked @competesoft

ID 66493

Jorge Espinoza

Founder • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder I have an MBA in Real Estate Finance and Construction Mgmt. I have manage PreRace since inception.

ID 475122

Nic Weber

PhD student @ Illinois iSchool; Research fellow at National Center for Atmospheric Research; Open Access advocate; effing the ineffable since 1982

ID 376802

Ken Hoff


ID 158590

Alijah Smith

Founder Glimpst, Intelligent Digital Interface Adapters • Worked at @laboratory-for-atmospheric-and-space-physics • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 306861

Jacob Burton

Software engineer at Rally Software; full stack developer; passionate about lean startups and building software that rallies communities together.

ID 383360

Teresa Bergmann

ID 185305

Krystal Lynn

Founder Grow Shine. Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, B.A. Geography, GIS/Geology. Reiki Master, Master Gardener, Light Designer, Sound Engineer.

ID 152706

morgan meyer

Studying broadcast news and production at University of Colorado at Boulder. I do video production for @iguidepro.

ID 142400


Founder @neighborhood-welcoming-committee • Worked at @omp, @new-hampshire-democratic-party • Studied at University of Michigan

ID 434304

Michael Caffrey

Founder AdCy Biotechnologies. • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 371489

Hayley Borck

ID 214961

Matt Groeninger

I love helping people with ICT, team/organizational coordination, and strategic doing. Also serious about meeting passionate people and laughing.

ID 414061

Manuel Castellanos Beltran

PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Postdoctoral researcher at Yale University. NRC fellow at NIST-Boulder.

ID 82758

Cory Shaw

User experience designer and front-end developer, Co-founder of Wimbo Music, Creator of AppifyWP and CrowdTubeTV

ID 305406

Paul Ryan

Dedicated Learner. Technologist. Graduated CU-Boulder. Passion for product creation.

ID 260265

Charles Clark

Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @us-army • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder, @university-of-tampa

ID 182776

Alexis Irias

Master Internet Marketer. A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Startup Lover, Risk Taker and Overall Optimist.

ID 331710

Christopher Carson Smith

Front End Developer, Designer, and filmmaker.

ID 472083

Bogdan Lita

ID 90525

Rob Lund

I absolutely love programming. I enjoy Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and PHP. Wide range of experience. Startups to Enterprise.

ID 419651

Hugh Robbins

Graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder; Multifaceted; Marketing, Promotions, Networking, Sales, Business Development, and Strategic Partnerships.

ID 430370

Ryan Szotak

Director of Technology at Instate Angels; Looking for a new start up I can sink my teeth into and get deeply involved.

ID 296179

Nathan Igdaloff

I’m a developer and UX designer at Made Movement in Boulder, CO. Responsive design gets me all hot and bothered. I'm also big into music.

ID 181607

Charles Stepback

Working at @trada crushing it in sales

ID 126206

Owen Sims

ID 339897

Harlan Blynn


10 years of award winning marketing and analysis. Founder and managing principal of boutique consulting firm focused on entrepreneurial endeavors.

ID 97624

Gabriel Monroy

CTO at @opdemand

ID 250697

Reid Simonton

BS Comp Sci @university-of-colorado-boulder. Programming since age 7, still at 30 years later because I love it. Technology, the next big thing, APIs, from-scratch implementations. DRY

ID 64419

Mary Anne Zacek

Founder and CEO of @9-1-1-labs. Founder/ General Manager Media Del'Arte LLC. a public relations and marketing firm.

ID 383239

Michael Head

ID 276298

Jim Galbiati

James W. Galbiati 835 Iris Ave Boulder, CO 80304 303-718-1878 [email protected] Abbott Labs Feb 2013 – present Working in a team environment to author V&V protocols using peer review process. Responsible for reviewing and interpreting cus

ID 470070

Josh Ferge

Sophomore, CU Boulder. #SpotifyU Campus Influencer. Programming. Web Dev. Outdoors. Startups. Open Source Software.

ID 391663

Aditya Sawhney

Full stack generalist; CU Boulder grad; passionate about leading teams, software architecture and distributed systems; loves challenges and high visibility roles

ID 509719

Michael Watkins

Founder @7, LLC • Worked at @computer-data-systems-inc • Studied at @university-of-rochester, @university-of-maryland-baltimore

ID 32242

Eric Fowler

Founder Indexed I/O & @hot-lunch-online Experienced web application developer with an emphasis in UX, Java, PHP, C++, Javascript and CSS.

ID 145898

Channing Morris

Life & Style blogger, Blue Mountain Belle. I blog about music, tech and fashion. Worked at @jones Lang LaSalle • Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 311617

Joe Hackel

Managing excellence thru execution. Executing projects is my passion, whether it is 80 person high-visibility project or tightly integrated 3-man R&D effort

ID 255797

Hunter Phillips

BA in Economics, Internet enthusiast, Hungry for new projects

ID 427010

Ben Brickweg, Esq., MBA

I help entrepreneurs BUY, BUILD, FIX, and SELL small to mid-sized outdoor sports and e-commerce companies.

ID 507866

Jaylea Marzonie

Bachelor's Degree from CU Boulder

ID 264895

Alana Russell

ID 297311

Gautham Gopakumar

CU Boulder Aerospace Engineering Graduate. CompSci Minor. Interest in Computer Graphics / Animation / Dynamical Simulation

ID 286364

Joshua Hosch

ID 482548

Katie Porter

Student at University of Colorado; obsessed with great UI/UX; lover of good design; experience in customer relations, web dev/design, and marketing/branding

ID 212937

Evan Hofmockel

ID 498902

Paul Kubala

CU Computer Science Student; Worked on projects for Microsoft Bing, and other start-up companies in the Boulder Area.

ID 106841

The T Bar Lingerie

ID 86977

Matthew Saverin

CU Boulder, trader, corporate valuation modeling, predictive modeling

ID 151636

Lili Tenney

Founder @liki-faire • Studied at University of Colorado, Boulder

ID 354572


Indiana boy living the dream in beautiful Boulder, Co. Part time musician, full time geek. Director of Technical Support for

ID 420978

Michael Head

ID 488661

N. Edwin Widjonarko

Ph.D. in physics. Specialist in organic photovoltaics and oxide semiconductors. Passionate about innovation. Fluent in 2 languages, proficient in 3 others.

ID 450499

Qinyue Yin

CU Boulder Electrical and Computer Engineering

ID 261212

Lei Tian

The third year graduate student with more than three years research experience, proficient in Java and Python, release 3 apps on Android market with about 6000 downloads, solid background in data mining and skillful in mobile application and server establ

ID 117464

Jason Hartley

Social Marketing Manager at Booklr

ID 263359

nicholas wachs

ID 187757

Rachel Marino

Product Analyst at @level-3-communications; Studied Finance at @university-of-colorado-boulder; Boulder Restaurant Examiner @examiner-com

ID 389497

Shannon M.K. Brown

Web project manager | Technical writer | QA professional

ID 170204

Karin Lindgren

ID 281788

Graham Lipsman

Full stack designer/developer, versed in both PHP and Rails.

ID 398090

Dan Moore

Studied at @whitman-college

ID 355967

Daniel Wilson

Founder + Creative at Optimistic Design Company

ID 163833

Gabriel Grant

VP of Operations with @acyclica, Inc. Strong operations background with @watchfire-signs, @starbucks. • B.A. @carleton-college 2000.

ID 301602

Kevin Baluha

PHP, Oracle, MongoDB, xml, json, javascript, rails, development in any language or platform.

ID 111557

Jeremy Metzker

Strong skills in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Management, and Creative Content.

ID 368510

Hemant Kavadia

Tried 2 startups. Both failed. Learned my lessons. Now, supporting myself from job @ Qualcomm while taking a break to start 3rd startup.Never give up.Die trying

ID 443290

Alicia M. F. Key

Software, hardware, and mobile. Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry. Active in Boulder iOS development community.

ID 192198

Christopher Mina

Founder @propain-cycling • Worked at @peaksware-llc, @trainingpeaks-com • Studied at @lehigh-university

ID 309397

Matt Cullen

ID 448195

Raphael Serota

Full stack web developer; developed neuroscience software for a large university.

ID 237246

Samuel Stromeyer

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, experienced in research, sales, marketing

ID 137253

Davis Godbout

CEO at Moderob Labs/ Graduate Student at BDW

ID 330041

Tyler Bailey

Branding Jedi, Rockstar, UOGrad

ID 225411

Chad Person

Enterprise / Consumer. Starting/Scaling. Strategy/BusDev, Business Models/GTM/RTM. Advisor, operator, leadership, investor. Director @ca-technologies

ID 473555

Soniya Liu

ID 347808

Dustin Farivar

Connector, Storyteller, Entrepreneur #LivintheDream

ID 218723

Matthew O'Hearn

Ping-pong addict, tech-nerd-wannabe, and music lover. Currently working with @opentable.

ID 176195

Len Scrogan

Founder @ieep, @exsym-llc • Worked at @boulder-valley-school-district, @lesley-university-1 • Studied at @university-of-denver

ID 410226

Francis Wolff

Founder, @flow-media-llc • Studied at @union-institute-university

ID 261161

Bill Vesce

Master's in Brand Strategy, Corporate CPG sales and marketing experience, Cum Laude

ID 51046

Tahir Popat

Co-Founder, VP Growth. MA Hons Business Studies from the @university-of-edinburgh

ID 394309

David Capelli

Social Entrepreneur at the University of Miami currently launching the most innovative furniture product and Mobile App in the United States

ID 422077

Seth Henry

Startup attorney with with Blue Dot Advocates, impact economy law firm

ID 244463

Weston Platter

Principal at think602. We tell stories with Ruby, Javascript, and Java.

ID 52427

Nathan Wade

Senior Web and Mobile Developer, specializing in iOS. National Geographic featured photographer. Instructor at Seybold Seminars, Boulder Digital Arts.

ID 102124

Alex Odam

Graphic and UI designer at Tastr Social.

ID 152163

Jackson Fox

Interaction designer, all around web geek

ID 158495

Charlie Hager

Co-Founder of a high end nautical clothing line Harbor Flag and a social media/group organization solution for Greek Life called GreekVine.

ID 462325

Karen Batcheller

Sr. Tech Recruiter w/experience in full life cycle recruiting and project mgmt. Special emphasis in the development/improvement of interviewing best practices.

ID 126365

Kenny Quinlan

Aspiring Entrepreneur. Recent graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Economics. Worked previously at Kinsale Capital and ESBL Sports Management.

ID 308859

Thomas Woodson

Designer / Co-Founder at Human Design. Pixel pusher, code writer & mountain climber.

ID 359573

Jenny Daniel

ID 243542

Cole Winans

Founder, CEO of MyFactals. Senior-level designer, developer and UI/UX expert.

ID 443880

Brian Eskenazi

Managed many departments of a small business, excelled in customer service.

ID 417573

Jeff Pinksa


MD Private Capital Mkts @sharespost; worked @wells-fargo, @stifel-nicolaus-weisel, @canaccord-adams; attended @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 287554

Andrejs Rozitis

Gifted leader and team builder with technical chops.

ID 503168

Unicole Unicron


ID 79626

Andrew Murray

Weather geek, web designer, photographer, traveler and avid outdoorsy person currently working for @findOpenSnow and paying rent in Boulder, Colorado.

ID 47055

Alex Herndon

Founder @clonebrews • Account Manager @booyah-networks , Worked at @trada • Studied at @baylor-university

ID 436336

Christopher Lizama

Junior dev, loves JS, Node and Python. Studied at @university-of-minnesota-twin-cities and RefactorU, a 10 week dev bootcamp

ID 145773

Matt Welch

I Design Things

ID 279661

Patrick Kelly PH.D

One of the nation‘s leading authorities on data and information associated with higher education. Creating dynamic maps and graphs for myriad audiences.

ID 174391

Matt Null

Web Developer, Technologist, and Entrepreneur in Boulder, CO.

ID 248098

Zack Smith

Making a game @backflip-studios!

ID 11048

Scott Converse

Founder @clickcaster, @medioh • Worked at @motorola, @apple-computer-1 @paramount-pictures

ID 327828

Shane Rogers

gSchool Graduate, RoR, Backbone, iOS developer with UI/UX prototyping experience

ID 29610

Blair Anderson

Business is my first language, and Ruby is my second...

ID 69206

Pascal Wagner

Founder @ NotaryElite

ID 425334

Eric Schweikardt

Founder @modular-robotics

ID 189775

Michael Garriss

- a Rails 5 years and a Software Engineer for 12 years - author and maintainer of six ruby gems and a dozen github repositories

ID 60229

Arn Hayden

CEO & President of @two-rivers-foods. 20 years of experience in creating companies, and developing brands and products. MS Engin./Bus.. BS Mech. Engin.

ID 252618

Ryan Hill

Systems analyst and full-stack application developer.

ID 92844

serin silva

Bay Area native. Lover of language and of studying people. A definite work-in-progress. See you soon.

ID 463527

Matthew Villaire

Co-Founder of Bonobo Interactive which created TeleFun and The South Park Project. Developed over 220 MW of wind power. Strnad Fellow. McNair Scholar.

ID 122872

Ralph Henderson

ID 46304

Ellen Cline

Co-Founder of @robot-recruit

ID 76453

Tyler Wanlass

Entrepreneur, Designer & Hacker. A lover of all things design, UI/UX & frontend!

ID 478710

John Matthews

Quick-learning Product Manager with a strong desire to design new, high-quality, creative solutions.

ID 495633

Mark Larter


Expert software geek. Have put some time and earnings into a few things that I believe in. Things have gone well so far.

ID 101001

Lori Fenstermaker

Founder of Scavado- a recruitment innovation tool developed for recruiters to uncover the best prospective employees. 18 year recruiting veteran.

ID 503673

Patrick Walsh


Entrepreneur, innovator, leader and investor.

ID 361233

Lauren Gricci

Ad Ops expert, Culture Analytics scientist, Client Services extraordinaire. All rolled into one awesome person.

ID 52651


Co-Founder & VP Sales/Distribution @CoolTreats4Dogs. Worked six years as Sales Rep in natural food distribution. BA Communications U of Florida, 2005.

ID 415679

Joe Karkos

Worked at StorCom as an ISR Intern, sold IT solutions, small to mid-size enterprise companies, proficient in cold calling and lead generation, also ideation

ID 199546

Bernardo Fanti

ID 351249

Jess Byrne

Customer Support Agent/Solutions Specialist

ID 490747

Jackson West

Love Javascript; Built and managed development team at my first startup.

ID 395967

Eric Thomas

Full stack engineer with a keen eye for user experience committed to achieving quality and stable products.

ID 321989

Ronald Zimmerman

I communicate highly technical ideas to non-technical people. I understand technology and find real-world applications for it.

ID 405533

Kevin Fleming

I create online businesses and eliminate bad guys on the weekends. Building a startup incubator @walnutstlabs

ID 400432

Dustin Higginbotham

Co-founder @6px

ID 260979

Danielle Espinel

UI Designer - Graphic designer with more than ten years of experience.

ID 283320

Lauren Szenina

Editor of multiple books and projects. Strong interpersonal background (studied psychology, worked with kids with autism). Helped establish small ABA business.

ID 87708

Maureen Brumbach

Studied at @philadelphia-university, @glasgow-school-of-art

ID 213786

Benoit Degrenne

PhD in Bioprocess Engineering Expert in Hydrogen and Biomass production from algae. Development of lab scale and outdoor algae production systems

ID 229416

Rob Martin

ID 102427

Jürg Schaeppi

Creative technologist, UX and graphic designer with a love for clean, simple and minimalistic design. Swiss bloke. Candy enthusiast.

ID 64147

Nowell Outlaw

CEO - @StellarAir - Successful Start-ups and Exits, either Merger or IPO. Whiteboard to exit, hands on Entrepreneur.

ID 155444

Andrew Piec

Studied at @western-illinois-university

ID 475631

Harris Buddig

CU Boulder alumni, 1st in CU Business Challenge, Pre-Med, Entrepreneurship and Business Certificate from CU Boulder

ID 396954

Kyle D. Henderson

Principal of :: Advisory Board Member of,,,

ID 462657

Chris Hoyd

ID 461135

Jayan Fazal Karim

NYU Math, Ruby on Rails Engineer, Human Being.

ID 460563

Colleen Killingsworth

UC Berkeley Film and Media, Live event Photographer/Videographer, Multimedia Journalist

ID 470353

Steven Kreimendahl

ID 371250

Jim Kirk

started 3 private small businesses, financial analyst for tech startup, worked on wall street, investment banking background, sales and marketing for 5+ years.

ID 393640

Tess Thyer


ID 462096

Steve Silberman

Product development collaborator, successful and experienced sales and marketing manager, avid cyclist.

ID 435742

Brian Hedberg

ID 448723

Tom Barron

ID 450365

Mitch Dinkins

Mapping Content Manager and Startup advocate.

ID 448999

Daniel James

ID 460505

Jeremy Russo

Best Damn Marketing guy you will ever find

ID 434881

Austin Lindsey

ID 398149

Harry Bay

ID 388868

John Wright

Senior iOS developer at Echostar. Worked at Adobe and Sprint. Strong experience across the stack. Outstanding problem solver.

ID 443756

Suzanne Rogers Gruber

ID 380096

Matthew Nabhan

A graduate of the Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware, Matthew Nabhan matriculated at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU Boulder) in 2009.

ID 382052

Ryan Hitchler

ID 411489

Cory Leistikow

ID 222646

Don Byington

Seasoned IT Developer and Administrator looking for an exciting opportunity in Boulder, CO.

ID 283181

Chris Andrews, Product Evangelist

Founder of illustrative design "Solid Modeling for the Rapid Prototyping Industry" 3D solid models created from: Drawings, 2D CAD Data, 3D Wireframe IGES/DXF files

ID 262883

Julien Denaes

Founder Logrr • Worked at @sap, @cambridge-technology-partners

ID 500341

Michael McCormick

Serial entrepreneur with ability to call on varied areas of expertise, from software architecture to product, team, finance and operations management.

ID 501586

Shannon Monasco

ID 313794

Laurent Therond

Software Engineer in the Enterprise Application Integration space. Equipped with a wide array of interests and skills.

ID 362571

Patrick Baek

SEM strategist who enjoys exploring BIG data science, having fun with ruby on rails & optimizing the information architecture of AllThingsDigital, i.e, Google

ID 267171

Lauren A. Mosenthal

ID 305476


ID 249790

Eric Bell


Worked at @equinix, @coresite

ID 233009

Timothy Brown

ID 358618

Elizabeth McIntyre

Bachelor degree in Marketing with a natural inclination to management. Eager learner with a desire to be a part of something meaningful.

ID 368094


Multi-disciplinarian; Economics major: critical analytical thinker; writer, designer, photographer.

ID 279508

John Lucas

ID 469905

Lee Buttrill

ID 288838

Brian Kelly

The combination of innovative digital brand managers and new technologies is creating marketing opportunities never before imagined. Are you in?

ID 357872

Blair Rollenhagen

IT Consultant | Founder of COLOTech Services | Investor

ID 359465

Brian Ledbetter

Full stack - RoR, iOS. JRuby and Java experience.

ID 471435

Andrijan Smaic

ID 486220

Tim O'Shea

Events Chair for Boulder Startup Week #BSW14 and rumored Boulderite. May be bearded and grinning. You know [TMO]?

ID 139473

Nathan Barnes

Project manager, director of a film festival, and logistics coordinator.

ID 31759

Adam Sullivan

Co-Founder of @clarity Software Solutions

ID 58015

David Adamson

Investor in @eco-products, @planetary-solutions.

ID 81253

Jeanne Eisenhaure

Business Operations Manager at Ion Engineering

ID 179399

Marie Fox

Founder @inspire-media-studio, @razorback-retail • Worked at @music-contact-international, @vermont-discovery-cruises

ID 65147

Micah Tapman


Founded cybersecurity firm ('07). Founded creative services firm ('11). Fortune 500 ex-pat.

ID 98439


ID 49894

Brad Paz

CEO of MyCompanyAccess.

ID 98736

Melody Parker

Smithsonian museum PR intern. Digital journalism student at ASU, graduating Dec 2012.

ID 42301

Karl Niemann

20+ years in technical infrastructure management. Experience in Telecom, Healthcare, Software development, and food industries.

ID 26717

Rudy Lacovara

Founder @hireflo, Cofounder @justtechjobs which we sold to Jupitermedia. Influencer and blogger in the .Net space

ID 62242

Elliott Whiteway

Founder @boxedcircle

ID 127961

Carlin Dornbusch

Technology Executive, focused on helping companies grow their innovations, teams and processes.

ID 52745

Mark Schroeder

ID 99402

Heather Beserra

ID 90791

Felix Kovalyov

An engineer, gone executive, going entrepreneur.

ID 168774

Khyentse James

Khyentse James possesses well over a decade of experience in event organization and award-winning production.

ID 188682

Bryan McKae

ID 77941

Paul Franceus

Software Engineer at @google, Inc.

ID 17094

Ayad Ismael

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