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ID 101738

Scott McDaniel


Founder/former-CEO of @surveygizmo. Me: b2b, saas, marketing, testing. You: reinventing for SMBs, @proven model, needing push to next level.

ID 59384

Matthew Moalem

Revenue Acquisition Mercenary - Global Alliances, Global Sales, Global Marketing. Board Adviser. Former US Navy. Innovative Technology, Social, Mobile.

ID 77170

Michael Abdy


Founder TeQuity • President @housefax-1

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Hired-Gun for QualcommLabs, Xconomy and Angel/Founder at Parallel6, Co-Founder

ID 29410

Eric Marcoullier

Current: Advising a boatload of startups on fundraising and acquisitions Previously: Cofounder OneTrueFan, Gnip, MyBlogLog, IGN.

ID 128590

Seth Page


Experienced tech entrepreneur, operator, investment banker & financier. Last 2 firms co-founded were both acquired Nov 2011. Just acquired mSpot for Samsung.

ID 244842

Naren Tayal

CEO of TVI LLC. Strong leadership and business background. Worked at Intel, Sybase, MDI, and Macquarie Tech Ventures. Studied at CU/Boulder, CSU, and U.Va.

ID 57432

Tim Falls

Building Community @sendgrid-1 & BoulderBeta, in @boulder, CO and beyond.

ID 183773

Brian W. Williams


Viget CEO since 1999. Worked with dozens of startups along the way, some as partial investments, some exited to Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Former developer.

ID 111387

David Henderson

Social, Mobile, Media, Entrepreneur - co-founder of socialeyes and socialmedia, early executive at @doubleclick and @matchlogic.

ID 56246

Rick Bakas

Husband, Founder of @BakasMedia, Keynote speaker, Former NIKE brand guy, Sommelier, Creator of #CabernetDay, VP of Mktg at @PressPay-

ID 29242

Paul Allen

Experienced startup operator

ID 6037

David Hose


Founder & CEO Signal Soft (Nasdaq IPO), Ideas & Plans MD projects include: JumpTap, m:metrics, Snapvine, Networks in Motion

ID 34193

Scott J. Perlman

President of Rayo Strategic Partners, providing capital advisory services for early stage companies. Focus on technology companies and social enterprises.

ID 57250

Luke Vernon


Entrepreneur, Startup Junkie & Advisor, Former COO of @eco-products, Founder of @LukesCircle, Mentor of @techstars

ID 81440

Nick Macey


Chief Product Officer @rosetta-stone

ID 106252

Ari Newman


Network Catalyst @ Techstars, Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor. Lover of early-stage tech biz and life in Boulder, CO

ID 85126

Graham Furlong

Business creation and growth strategies for the startup generation. 12 years experience at the worlds most creative agencies Crispin Porter+Bogusky, TBWA, JWT.

ID 158062

Josh Dulberger

data [email protected] Jeans Network, r&[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Grad Center, [email protected], [email protected]

ID 44937

Guy Shalev

Founder, Agency Evolve. Partner, Influence Technologies. Consultant @ibm. Specialize in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

ID 48824

Lowell Miller

Executive, Entrepreneur, Educator. Co-Founder/CEO of @ecubed-marketing. Co-Founder/CFO of Adjunct Faculty at Daniels College of Business as DU.

ID 227226

David Prinster


Executive Leader with 20+ years experience in IT industry in Marketing, Sales, Bus-Dev, Strategy, and Partnerships.

ID 70678

Gregory Menvielle

Pyramedium inc

ID 225411

Chad Person

Enterprise / Consumer. Starting/Scaling. Strategy/BusDev, Business Models/GTM/RTM. Advisor, operator, leadership, investor. Director @ca-technologies

ID 507535

Bill Fitzgerald

Worked at @jive-software, @excite-home • Studied at @ohio-wesleyan-university, @eastern-illinois-university

ID 405533

Kevin Fleming

I create online businesses and eliminate bad guys on the weekends. Building a startup incubator @walnutstlabs

ID 203654

David Luhman


Undergrads and MBA from Colorado Univ. IRS Enrolled Agent. Experience in Japan and Silicon Valley. Now working with US-AU-CN-JP-EU (especially "mundane") SMBs.

ID 154746

Solome Tibebu

Founder, Cognific- 1st SaaS patient engagement platform for behavioral health providers to measure outcomes & increase productivity. Founder, Anxiety In Teens.

ID 283294

Todd Biggs


Advisor @touchmail, just relocated to @denver, worked for @microsoft on WindowsPhone, @marketplaces, @app-stores, @education , @email , @messaging , & developers.

ID 288838

Brian Kelly

The combination of innovative digital brand managers and new technologies is creating marketing opportunities never before imagined. Are you in?

ID 143742

Jim Gray

Freelance Project Manager, Marketing Campaign Development at @threethirtypm

ID 83879

Kyle P. May, MS PhD

20+ yrs exp operating multi-million dollar portfolios including Perot Systems, CSC & DynCorp. PhD in Internet regulation. 40 Under 40 Leadership Award 2011

ID 88927

Sears Merritt

ID 18551

William Consuegra, Esq.


Worked at @accenture, @forest-city-enterprises, @areva-solar, • Studied at Trinity, University of New Mexico

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