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ID 138020

Brad Dupee


3-time entrepreneur. Currently a co-founder at @mobileday

ID 367905

Kristen Medler

10+ years experience in education. Grant writer for programs benefitting at-risk youth. Mentor, data coach, & program coordinator. Ed.M./Harvard University.

ID 131812

Christian Nitu

Co-Founder & CMO @snowgate. Previously worked @ e-commerce dept. for Crocs Inc., marketing dept. @ Frontier. Strong marketing/sales, multi-cultural background.

ID 143401

Rob Delwo


Startup and Venture Experience, Passion for Helping Startups and Supporting Startup Communities

ID 227226

David Prinster


Executive Leader with 20+ years experience in IT industry in Marketing, Sales, Bus-Dev, Strategy, and Partnerships.

ID 245710

Alec Korba

Formerly Channel & ISV Alliances at HubSpot. Built International Sales team at Sanbolic. Bentley University double major - Entrepreneurship and European Studies. Interested in joining an early stage start-up.

ID 23981

Scott Balster

Founder @employtown, @planejoy, Business Dev. at Hertz, Danaher Corp & bootstrapped @employtown to profitability.

ID 36129

Doug Standley


Founder, CEO of Societal Innovation Holdings - former Deloitte Innovation Principal - Founder Spectrasite Broadcast (sold to @american-tower),

ID 364921

Jayna Whitcher

Marketing Magician, Sales Connoisseur, Digital Diva, Marathon Road Runner, Back Bowl Skier, and Children's Book Writer.

ID 85150

Laurence Trifon

Director of Business Development at @sendgrid-1. Co-founder of Trifonic Music. Strong background in tech startups and finance. @stanford-university alum.

ID 51280

Jeff Zaretsky

@bounce-io @yabblr @kickapps @aol @columbia-business-school @university-of-michigan

ID 246163

Chris J. Snook


Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, & Venture Catalyst...Hired-Gun for QualcommLabs, Xconomy and Angel/Founder at Parallel6, Co-Founder

ID 59384

Matthew Moalem

Revenue Acquisition Mercenary - Global Alliances, Global Sales, Global Marketing. Board Adviser. Former US Navy. Innovative Technology, Social, Mobile.

ID 199445

John Allen

Founder, CEO @digisoft-tv, @race-results-2000 • CTO, General Manager at TVTextbook, Worked at @ericsson, @snap-on-tools • Studied at @cork

ID 34362

Jacob Timm

Product designer, developer, leader.

ID 173466

Sean Condon

Worked at @vector-marketing, @zipcar • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 79490

Claus Moberg

Founder @snowshoe-stamp, @techstars Alumn, Winner of TCDisrupt Hackathon, Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison, @wisconsin-entrepreneurial-bootcamp

ID 303389

Matt Sornson

Founder / CEO @workmob A traveler and a student.

ID 212245

Michael Klanac

Founder @gripeo • Founder @simple-apply • Studied at @state-university-of-new-york-at-buffalo

ID 134520

Robert Brooks IV

Account Executive @StackOverflow Founder @btb-technologies-llc • Worked at @apple

ID 7449

Brett Martin

Founder @sonar. Former Director @k2-media-labs. Fulbright Fellow. Studied @dartmouth-college. Sailor. Bad Bassist. Recovering Banker. Lover of life.

ID 114188

Cali Harris

Relationship builder for Techstars.

ID 29242

Paul Allen

Experienced startup operator

ID 419077

Odell Isaac

Founder @stellar-air, @caduceux • Worked at @quovadx, @western-aviators • Studied at @saint-louis-university, @missouri-state-university

ID 41930

Micah Alcorn

CCIM, "self-taught" developer, BBA Entrepreneurship/Venture Management & Economics University of Oklahoma

ID 64118

Kelly Goodnight

Founder @gravitly-1

ID 154606

Geoff Sakala

Founder @clickspring, @metro-media • Worked at @us-army, @locable • Studied at @california-state-unversity-sacramento

ID 116226

Shashank Shekhar

Co-founder of Antezen. Strong technical background, hands on engineer. Worked at @qualcomm and ST Micro. B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur (EE) and M.E. from @university-of-colorado-boulder, Boulder.

ID 336742

Stephanie O'Connor, CPP

UCLA Finance grad; started and sold Independent Sales Organization to technology company for 7 x EBITDA of 350k

ID 134014

Dean Wolf

Business Strategist, Intellectual Property Attorney, Product Management and Development, Licensing and Negotiations Expert

ID 375643

Jessica DelCastillo

Enrollment Counselor with Regis University- Previous sales experience in inside, wholesale and retail environments.

ID 120329

Jason Kania

University of Chicago MBA candidate and Principal of Phoenix Management Consulting

ID 18551

William Consuegra, Esq.


Worked at @accenture, @forest-city-enterprises, @areva-solar, • Studied at Trinity, University of New Mexico

ID 432250

Eli Duffy

Growth Hacker, Business Development Specialist, Kickstarter and Social Media Strategist.

ID 252366

Elisa Rowell

Growth Hacker @be, Founder @earth-marketing-and-management-consulting, @stargazer-enterprise • Worked @alcatel-lucent, @the-apollo-group • Studied @suffolk-university, @auburn-university

ID 417578

Laura Ball

Fast-learner, team-player and hard worker. Helped position our company as one of the 'coolest' places to workout in the country (greatist list).

ID 87201

Evan Walden

Founder @rework-jobs. Studied at @university-of-vermont. Background in Sales at Dow Chemical.

ID 402853

Shea (Shmuel) Hoffman

HungrySalesmen/Clever Marketer | Worked at UpSync and Trada | Founder at

ID 173067

Dan Burcaw

Founder @PushIO • Worked at @apple • Studied at @CU

ID 8360

Steve Gibson


Founder @prolegacycamp-com • Worked at @meetingwave-com, @bear-stearns • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 136279

Bob Hirneisen

President at Integriti Consulting Group

ID 136523

Chris Field

VP Sales & Marketing at ASquared Search & Social. Helped build 3 early stage startups. Marketing and Sales focused. Creating partnerships during startup launch.

ID 76672

Joe Sawicki

Highly competitive business background in both small business operations and sales; worked at KIOSK Information Systems

ID 185495

Jacqueline Claudia

The Love Child of "Big Picture Strategy" & "Get It Done" • Worships at Customer Alter • @wharton, @Darden • Founder @thurston-hall • Worked at @MMG, @dsi

ID 108594

Jon Birdsong

Acquiring customers by sharing value and educating the sales leaders of today and tomorrow.

ID 507535

Bill Fitzgerald

Worked at @jive-software, @excite-home • Studied at @ohio-wesleyan-university, @eastern-illinois-university

ID 142400


Founder @neighborhood-welcoming-committee • Worked at @omp, @new-hampshire-democratic-party • Studied at University of Michigan

ID 462096

Steve Silberman

Product development collaborator, successful and experienced sales and marketing manager, avid cyclist.

ID 212937

Evan Hofmockel

ID 427010

Ben Brickweg, Esq., MBA

I help entrepreneurs BUY, BUILD, FIX, and SELL small to mid-sized outdoor sports and e-commerce companies.

ID 287554

Andrejs Rozitis

Gifted leader and team builder with technical chops.

ID 321989

Ronald Zimmerman

I communicate highly technical ideas to non-technical people. I understand technology and find real-world applications for it.

ID 464263

Greg Koeka

Worked at @visionlink, @isupportu • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder • Financial background with a passion for technology entrepreneurship

ID 86977

Matthew Saverin

CU Boulder, trader, corporate valuation modeling, predictive modeling

ID 415679

Joe Karkos

Worked at StorCom as an ISR Intern, sold IT solutions, small to mid-size enterprise companies, proficient in cold calling and lead generation, also ideation

ID 460505

Jeremy Russo

Best Damn Marketing guy you will ever find

ID 358618

Elizabeth McIntyre

Bachelor degree in Marketing with a natural inclination to management. Eager learner with a desire to be a part of something meaningful.

ID 361233

Lauren Gricci

Ad Ops expert, Culture Analytics scientist, Client Services extraordinaire. All rolled into one awesome person.

ID 486220

Tim O'Shea

Events Chair for Boulder Startup Week #BSW14 and rumored Boulderite. May be bearded and grinning. You know [TMO]?

ID 383239

Michael Head

ID 371250

Jim Kirk

started 3 private small businesses, financial analyst for tech startup, worked on wall street, investment banking background, sales and marketing for 5+ years.

ID 126365

Kenny Quinlan

Aspiring Entrepreneur. Recent graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Economics. Worked previously at Kinsale Capital and ESBL Sports Management.

ID 218723

Matthew O'Hearn

Ping-pong addict, tech-nerd-wannabe, and music lover. Currently working with @opentable.

ID 237246

Samuel Stromeyer

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, experienced in research, sales, marketing

ID 443880

Brian Eskenazi

Managed many departments of a small business, excelled in customer service.

ID 261161

Bill Vesce

Master's in Brand Strategy, Corporate CPG sales and marketing experience, Cum Laude

ID 419651

Hugh Robbins

Graduate from the University of Colorado, Boulder; Multifaceted; Marketing, Promotions, Networking, Sales, Business Development, and Strategic Partnerships.

ID 181607

Charles Stepback

Working at @trada crushing it in sales

ID 417573

Jeff Pinksa


MD Private Capital Mkts @sharespost; worked @wells-fargo, @stifel-nicolaus-weisel, @canaccord-adams; attended @university-of-colorado-boulder

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